Writing checks is only a small part of what we do.

Get to Know the Rest


How we build a thesis.


We’re looking for the perfect storm that occurs when large markets are restricted by legacy platforms. If the market has high growth potential and a simple point solution can’t solve the problem, pressure begins to build within the industry. When we sense this pressure from multiple contacts in our ecosystem, we begin forming a thesis. We identify the type of platform and business model that will allow for growth and align with customers and consumers.


How we execute a thesis.


As our thesis takes shape, we begin looking for the teams and companies who view the opportunity similarly, and are best positioned to execute on it. We look for teams whose capabilities best match their challenges. And we look for businesses that stand the most to gain from our capabilities. If you hear from us, then these things apply to you. We then move quickly, so you’re able to focus on building your business.


How we refine a thesis.


After we invest, the real work begins. We make a small number of investments per year and want to deliver the maximum value. We work with founders on management and organization. We make value-added introductions from our ecosystem focused on new commercial opportunities, contract expansion, and product development. We work side-by-side with in-house teams to improve financial operations, provide insights on customer acquisition and sale strategies, and ensure brand narratives align with end-buyers, potential investors, and future hires.