Accelerating B2B Software Implementations

New York

Alex Krug


Baton is a multi-org collaboration platform for managing software implementations from start to finish.

B2B software companies work hard to sign customers but often struggle through the integration phase to get a customer “live”: each customer uses a different set of technologies, necessitating custom integrations with many stakeholders. And despite the plethora of project management tools on the market, none accommodate the distinctly two-sided relationship between a software vendor and their client. Baton is the first software platform to do so, enabling software vendors and their customers to track, manage, and resolve issues with implementations, making sure projects finish on time and on budget.

This gets customers up and running faster and helps vendors reach revenue quicker.

We saw the pain of implementation across the B2B software landscape, and since no one was solving it, set out to hatch a company to do so.

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