Supercharged one-click checkout

San Francisco, California

Ryan Breslow


Bolt is a horizontally-integrated payments platform that combines lightning-fast checkout, payment processing, and fraud protection with full chargeback coverage. Bolt provides independent merchants and their customers with the most seamless checkout experience available on the market today.

Online brands and retailers have traditionally pieced together standalone systems across checkout, payments, and fraud prevention, resulting in lost revenue from cart abandonment and false positive fraud blocks. By combining these three pieces of the checkout stack into a single, plug-and-play platform, Bolt gains a comprehensive view across the checkout process, allowing them to offer a frictionless shopping cart experience and better identify fraudulent transactions.

Bolt is leveling the ecommerce playing field by offering merchants a simple but powerful end-to-end checkout solution that lifts revenue through increased conversion rates, while eliminating fraud losses due to false positive chargebacks.

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