Next-generation Identity Layer

San Francisco, California

Ryan Sandler


Starting with verification of employment and income, Truework is rebuilding the identity stack and setting the standard for consent-based verification. Their platform dramatically improves the experience and outcomes for all parties involved in the verification process.

For verifiers, Truework's API-based platform enables automated employment verifications with industry-leading turnaround times, accuracy, and transparency.

For employers, Truework automates all manual processes associated with verifications, both those initiated by 3rd party verifiers like lenders and those initiated by employees. Truework stores data with best-in-class security (including ISO27001, SOC2 Type 1 & 2) and ensures sensitive information no longer travels via email, messages, or paper. Truework also assists employers with social service verifications, helping current or former employees in applying for assistance, and streamlining communications with government organizations at a critical time.

For employees, Truework finally gives them agency and puts sensitive data back in their hands. Employees are notified every time a request is made, and importantly are able to check their details in a secure and easy to use platform to ensure accuracy.

By leading with consent and ensuring accuracy, speed, and transparency, Truework builds trust with consumers, employers, and verifiers alike.