Partnerships get companies through the gritty stuff.

After we invest, the real work begins.

We believe the most valuable way to support is to work collaboratively with teams on growth challenges and compliment them with our competence and experience.

growth curve

How do you extend beyond early customers to cement product market fit?

How do you expand product to expand current customers and unlock new markets?

How do you create a scalable org structure to enable rapid growth?

How do you attract, on-board, and develop talent quickly enough?

“Lots of investors talk about rolling up their sleeves, very few actually deliver. The team at Activant have been with us every step of the way.” — Vishal Garg, CEO of Better

How we support

Building teams

by directly sourcing key talent or managing search partners with our dedicated in-house talent team

Creating scalable organizations

with the structure, systems, and processes to support rapid growth

Unlocking access to investors, customers, and partners;

we leverage our network to make introductions to capital providers, commercial contacts, and strategic partners

Supporting and challenging decision-making

backed by our domain knowledge and understanding of the growth stage

Discrete support disciplines

When you need an extra set of hands, we can help in the following areas:

Talent and org development

Financial & operational modeling

Design, branding, and PR

Board reporting & fundraising

Investing is a craft

Our offices are often pretty empty as our team is on the ground supporting founders.

Steve in conversation with Stephan Schambach, CEO of NewStore.

Stephan Schambach brought two companies (Intershop and Demandware) public with multi-billion dollar market caps. Today he is reinventing commerce once more with NewStore.

No big meeting rooms. We try to stay small and support founders on the most pressing issues.

Our team supports the Activant portfolio across a variety of functional areas supported by deep domain knowledge.

With our 15 year fund lives, we’re in it for the long-haul.

What we believe in

A few things we believe make for a successful partnership:

Relationships matter

Even the best plans can be improved when challenged constructively

It is more effective to engage early and often

Simple, well-executed solutions deliver the best results

Thoughtful actions to mitigate risk don’t have to limit growth

We don’t run the company for you


Dedicated to complement the management team of high-growth companies.

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