We don't invest in the pail and shovel. We invest in the sandbox.

Activant is a long-term oriented global private investment firm that partners with high-growth companies transforming the industrial complex.

Our Philosophy


Learn from the best.

We've spent our careers building strong face-to-face relationships with industry leaders, decision makers, and academic researchers.


Anticipate change

When we sense that an industry is outgrowing its current infrastructure, we develop a thesis around opportunities for growth.

Our Approach


Back the right team at the right time

We invest in companies aligned with our theses, specifically next generation platforms that aim to redefine legacy industries or lay the ground work for new ones.

Our Portfolio


Embrace Imperfections

We are not scared of works in progress. In fact, we build our team to cover every discipline a business needs to thrive so we can work alongside you to solve problems.

Our Team