Andrew Steele

Investment Team

Portadown, Northern Ireland

BA Economics and Psychology, Harvard

Manchester United

"December 1963 (Oh what a night)" by The Four Seasons

Recent Read:
Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

Andrew joined the investment team in 2016, and focuses on B2B software platforms disrupting legacy industries, or forging new ones. He’s passionate about product and behavioral design, and focuses a lot of his attention on business model innovations as a means to drive customer alignment. Within the Activant portfolio, Andrew spends a lot of his time on refining product positioning, and enjoys working with businesses that act as the system of engagement to facilitate creative workflows and collaboration within teams. Splitting his time between New York and London, Andrew also spends substantial time with European founders, with a particular emphasis on growth strategy into the US market.

He founded his first business, IvyMinded - an online educational company that designed and taught critical thinking curricula for international students, in 2014. Through his experiences building the team and developing concurrent B2C and B2B strategies, he garnered an appreciation of the challenges founders face when building companies, and an awareness of the complexities of selling into legacy markets.

Originally from Northern Ireland, Andrew earned his BA in Economics and Psychology from Harvard University, and played rugby for 7 years.